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Choose the internationally acclaimed minibus hire services that Minibus Hire Rugby offers day and night. We have vast experience spanning over 10 years. We have been in the local ground transport arena serving locals and foreign travel groups. Our commitment to client satisfaction in Long Lawford, Dunchurch, and Thurlaston leads many travel groups to us. We have maintained first class services, and we keep looking for ways to better our delivery. Our 8 seat and 18 seater minibuses are preferred by many due to the comfort and luxury that we offer on the go.

Rugby is a market town in Warwickshire, bordering River Avon. The town is the second largest town in the county, and it has close ties to the game of rugby. Attractions include: King Richard III Visitor Centre, Rugby Art Gallery and Museum, and the World Rugby Hall of Fame and Visitor Centre. Others are the Rugby Wharf, Caldecott Park and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

Convenience and speed

In Rugby, traveling in a group requires the assistance of a minibus company that understands the need for convenience and speed. We will help you avoid the hassle and the stress of traveling in a public bus. We know you want to save money and we provide excellent options that leave you with more pounds to spend on the way. First off, we will help you avoid the cost of hiring several cabs for your group. It’s not only inconveniencing but it also costs more. Call us in Walton or Long Itchington, and we will pick you fast in our luxurious minibus models.

On time service delivery

Don’t trust fly by night minibus companies to offer punctual services. We are the only operator that has a reputation when it comes to on time service delivery. We will facilitate your airport transfer in good time. If you are landing in Birmingham Airport or East Midlands airports, our minibuses will be there waiting. We will pick you in the exact model that you specified. Our luxurious vehicles make your trip to and from the airport comfortable and relaxing.

Pocket friendly prices

The cost of hiring our 16 seat minibus with a driver doesn’t have to be a deterrent. We are committed to providing pocket friendly prices for our new and repeat customers. Check out the instant quotes on our website before you make the last decision. We will explain our invoices, and you can rest assured that there are no hidden fees. We grant your group hefty discounts for advance booking. We have incentives for groups that hire a convoy of 12 seat minuses at a go in Claybrooke Magna or North Kilworth.

Licensed and knowledgeable chauffeurs

If you are worried about getting lost in Wolston, Bourton or Braunston, we put your fears to rest. We assign a highly trained, licensed and knowledgeable chauffeur. These experts are native to Wolvey. We vigorously vet their background and hire only those who come with DBS certification. We want you to feel safe everywhere you go. Don’t risk your group by hiring minibuses from operators who employ random drivers, it could cost your group. We will drive your group to the topmost attractions in Welford and Bubbenhall, and we won’t charge for that.

The freedom to explore

If your group is interested in exploring Pailton, Swinford, and Brinklow, Minibus Hire Rugby gives you the freedom to discover. Our 14 seat vehicles are built to withstand long distance trips. We will let you travel as far as you want. Our terms and conditions are flexible. If you want to travel during public holidays or past normal working hours, we are always ready. Other operators will deny you service simply because it’s past normal hours. Call us from any location in Wolvey; Rugby and we will take 30 minutes to get to you day and night.

The expertise to customize

If you need a bespoke 10 seat minibus in Ullesthorpe, Gilmorton and Stockton, just let us know. We have the expertise to customize any vehicle the way you want. We offer functionality features such a wheelchair ramps, child seats, air conditioners and drink holders on request. Our vehicles come with modern entertainment features too. You can surf the web, watch movies or catch up on some work on the go. We are ready to deliver. Call us today.

Areas Covered


People from everywhere and from all walks of life often find themselves in Rugby for a variety of reasons: a vacation, research, an educational trip, a team-building activity for co-workers, and sometimes even business trips. Most of them, unfortunately, also find themselves stranded or without a means to get around conveniently and easily, without having to resort to the crowded and complicated public transport system or the more expensive cabs and private car rentals. The solution to this problem: cheap minibus hire services from Minibus Hire Rugby.

And when we say solution, we mean exactly that. First, it solves your budget woes. People can have their pick of all the cheap minibus hire Rugby has to offer, but nowhere else will they find rates that are as competitive as ours. No more of those exorbitantly-priced minibuses that, more often than not, do not really satisfy customers whether in terms of their looks or their performance.

The second issue that we solve is the uncertainty and fear that the Rugby minibus that will welcome you the moment you arrive in town would not be up to your standards. In fact, our customers in the past have admitted to have modest expectations regarding the quality of our Rugby minibuses. They were expecting something decent and respectable; instead, they are presented with a high-performance, high-quality vehicle that looks good and, in turn, makes them look good as well. And why shouldn't it? After all, these minibuses are from the factories of the most trusted names in the automotive industry.

We do not merely rely on the manufacturers for the state of our fleet, however. Minibus Hire Rugby has an established maintenance workshop with a staff of engineers and technicians who are both brilliant and passionate about their job. Therefore, customers can be sure that they are going to be riding on a vehicle that has checked out in terms of safety and performance. Any fears about the vehicle breaking down or getting into an accident due to a faulty engine can be let go. After all, they wouldn't be assigned a Rugby minibus without making sure that it is in perfect running condition first.

Passengers are also concerned with the issue on overall comfort and convenience during their trip. So they managed to find a steal in Minibus Hire Rugby. And then they have a good-looking minibus that runs smoothly. But what if the seats are sagging and the interiors are cramped? That is not going to happen. Our minibuses are spacious and have a lot of room to allow passengers to sit back and relax in our comfortable reclining seats. The entertainment system we have installed in each minibus will also go a long way in keeping you occupied when you do not feel like stepping out of the vehicle. Aside from that, a drinks cooler will be within reach inside the minibus to keep you cool and hydrated. You'd also be amazed at the lengths we went to in order to improve your sightseeing experience. We have tweaked the roofs of our minibuses to have sliding doors so you can watch Rugby even while on a moving vehicle.

Of course, if it is your first time in Rugby, you would be concerned about getting lost or being slightly out of your way because you are unfamiliar with the place. Minibus Hire Rugby will solve that for you by providing a minibus with driver who in most cases will be a Rugby local. He can be your professional tour guide – without additional charge. You can rely on him to take you anywhere in Rugby that you want to visit and ask him questions about the place. We only hire qualified, licensed and highly skilled drivers, so you can rest easy, knowing that you are in good hands.

If you don't need a driver and prefer to do your own driving, or have someone in your travelling party go behind the wheel, that can be easily solved too. This is what we refer to as our self-drive minibus hire. Other services we provide include airport minibus hire, which does airport pickups and drop-offs, and our coach hire services for groups that are too large to be accommodated by a single minibus at once. However, we normally advice new Rugby visitors to first use our minibus hire service which comes with a driver before they can opt for the self-drive option.

Minibus Hire Rugby also makes it our commitment to make sure all our customers have the best possible time that they could during their stay in Rugby while being driven around by our drivers in our minibus hire with driver service. Thus, we also provide advice about non-transport related problems, such as bookings, reservations, hotel accommodations, or simple recommendations and suggestions that would greatly improve the quality of your trip.

Minibus Hire Rugby wants every Rugby visitor to have a grand time while in town, which is why we have made ourselves into the ultimate transport solutions company in the region. Book our cheap minibus hire services and we guarantee that you will never regret it.

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